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Yes, this is a webring.

Random quotes

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If you can’t make yourself miserable trying to monetize it, it’s not a hobby.

— mikey

please give these portuguese geese

some cheese and grease

chinese bees lease the trees

— Paula and I on a sunny June afternoon

Site TODOs

Things I’d like to add:

list/table support

The macro will accept a list/hashmap of values (tuples?) denoting each column.

Optionally, it will receive a list of header items.

self-contained post encryption

We can use Racket’s read/write functions to ask the user for a password. When we want to password-protect a post, we could add a meta like so:

◊(define-meta locked #t)

This would prompt pollen to ask us for a password. It will take the body, encrypt it, and embed the metadata in the head section so that javascript can decrypt it.

footer with git commit

Use git rev-parse --short HEAD

full text search

For starters we can just use a {google,bing,duck}.com search redirect with site:our-site.com. Another option is to use lunrjs. We can pre-build the page index and host a static .json file that we can use.

Disadvantages: uses javascript.

table of contents/sections

Something like ◊|toc| or a meta in the post to insert a table of contents at the beginning of a post. We can implement it with a <details> element, sorta like we already do for ◊toggle.

To make it work, we have to also introduce a section and subsection tag that translates to <h2> and <h3>, plus a name target so we can link to it from the table of contents.

When pollen finds a toc tag, it will mark the whole tree so we can process it and insert the table during the root decoding step.