I’m Borja de Régil. I’m currently a research engineer at the IMDEA Software Institute working on cool dist-sys things. If you wish to know more, or want to check out things I’ve worked on, just head over to the about section.

I try to write some opinions on the blog from time to time. As the title of the site implies, they’re mostly wrong, all the time. Still, I hope you can find some of them useful. I also keep (or try to) a personal wiki, where I keep looser notes on books and articles I read, and even more opinions I might or might not have anymore.

I don’t do much social media, but I do have a Github account. I tried to use Twitter two times in my life and both times I ended up feeling miserable. However, feel free to reach out by email or Telegram, I’m always open to ideas, comments, or just general electronic banter.

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